Successfully packed my project but it crashes on launch

Hi all!

This has been bugging me I have been trying to package my project (which is successful) but if I want to play the exe it just crashes and I get this

Please can someone help me with this!

I think you should post it in bug report, and if you sent your crash log they can find your log in their data base

Hello ,

From looking up the MachineID provided in that picture (unless I mistyped) it doesn’t seem like it was sent to us or is either being delayed. There are two options for us to get more information.

First, if the report was never sent, please cause the crash again, copy the MachineID, send the report and post the MachineID here (so I can avoid possibly mistyping it, darn thing is like a CD Key) to let me know that you sent it and I can take a look to see what the callstack looks like.

If you’d rather get it immediately however and want to be able to see your own callstacks in the future, you’ll need to download the Editor Symbols for Debugging from the launcher. It’s about 6-7gb of space but it will allow you to see the full message for these crashes. You can find it by opening the Epic Games Launcher, going to the library tab and selecting “Options” under the drop down menu beside your 4.10 installation. Check the box beside the Editor Symbols for Debugging and then hit apply. If you go with this route, crash again after repackaging and you should be able to get the callstack. Copy and paste it here so I can take a look.

I installed the editor symbols for debugging, repackaged successful, no crash but now I just get this
(texture streaming pool over 274432.00 MB)

This would be a Texture Streaming problem. That warning message is warning you that you’re over the Texture Streaming Pool amount by 274432 MB (Approximately 274GB) which is a problem. In small cases where you’re only over by about 100 or so MB, you could increase the size of the pool to allow for more memory to be used for texture streaming but that wouldn’t be an option in this case. I would suggest taking a look at this page for some information about debugging and optimizing your texture streaming issues.

We haven’t heard from you in a while, . Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please let me know if my previous comment was of any assistance. In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes.