Successful royalty projects

I see the Job Offerings board filled with royalty projects and hopeful people looking to gather a team to build their dream. Generally the opening post is enough to see that it will go nowhere fast. I was wondering though, have there been any success stories on this board that originated from royalty projects? That is to say, have any of those project ever been released, generating any amount of income, and actually paying contributors? I would love to see them.

I haven’t been following projects much recently due to being inundated with work, but you could always keep an eye on the Released Projects section. =)

Since my Unity days (Unity 1.6) and engines before that, like Torque, Ogre, etc…

I see these projects online, but I particularly have never seen a single one of them to be released and successfully selling.
Instead a few times I’ve seen fights and accusations of X stealing work from Y, A didn’t pay B, and son on.

Oh, and I believe after a while Unity forums banned these “royalty” projects from their forums because of that.