Succesfully Exported Meta Humans Dont Show Up In My Content Browser

When I make my own meta human and download, export ect. It says it successfully exports? But then nothing happens on my ue4 editor
I am running 4.22, the plugin is installed with the proper plugin folder in my engine stuff. I also setup all of the quixle bridge project settings that were recommended and still nothing… I have quixle downloading a Uasset. and Exporting a Uasset and I have tried all resolutions and even a different project, nothing seems to work. Here are my settings -

Defualt Project {E:\UnrealEngineProjects\FlexJump_2\Content}
Plugin Folder I selected {E:\UnrealEngine\UE_4.22\Engine\Plugins}

Note: Plugin Successfully installed without any issue and showed up in my ue4 almost instantly

One piece of information that might help is when I pull up the .uassets in my quixle directory (all stuff is under the same drive) if I put the raw folders in the uassets dont show up at all witch could be because of the export being in another version. Btw there is no log anywhere to be found, I searched through the install of bridge my content folder and my project and the plugin within ue4.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.