Subway Tunnel + SciFi Hallway Environment

As part of the beta I had some time to finish a couple little environments so I’d like to post them here. (Also I must admit being the first to post here made me smile.)

you can click these same images on my site if you are interested in seeing a few more images and some breakdown assets.

Thanks for looking! I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

Those look nice, really nice! So does Warm Gun on your site!

Now are these “released” as in the challenge is over, or these WIP?

Thanks!. The forum sub title said “or showing off your completed work.” So :slight_smile:

I’ll look into getting these ported over to the public ue4 version so I can release the content on the marketplace.

very very nice! cant wait to see. more content will be great!

Great…I saw this empty for a while now and I was worried someone was going to be 1st here with some crappy WIP but happy to see it was this…Great work…Really nice looking work…

Really nice! I really like your work

i am kinda new to UE4 so i am kinda confused on how to get some textures and props into the engine " for example a new model of chair or blood stains or leafs " could u please help me out or linking me to a helpful guide
again, really nice work mate

Pretty good, Keep it up.

Great work man! The lighting looks especially good! :slight_smile:

Nice work, keep it up.

great work, love the details!

Have you worked on Mirror’s Edge by any chance ? :slight_smile: (your scene is the exact same one as the Metro in ME, tickles my curiosity !)

I have not worked on Mirrors Edge but I am a big fan. Glad you feel it lives up to their standard. :slight_smile:

Template for FPS

Great! Great work! has very outstanding graphic…
Please… where I can found source template of FPS for Unreal Engine 4… base too?

Good job bud love it, but on the first image the NRM on the walls are a bit strong,

This really looks amazing! I checked out your other stuff as well, I’m loving the 4 barrel flintlock : )
The bus is pretty cool as well, and the janitor cart.

Art done great, lighting done, great, and just an overall nice piece to showcase, I love it!

Looks good , how long did it take you to make these?

Don’t suppose you could do a full tut on making one of these, would help us all here a lot?

Amazing scenes those look really good.

Dennis was the blood splatter used as a decal or placed in as a material on a UV or through the engine?