Subway Sim Questions


I am trying to create a subway-type simulator in the Unreal Engine but I have a few questions on basic movements and animations. I’ve had experience in developing for other simulators such as the German Bus simulator OMSI 2 so I have experience with modeling and animation.

  1. So I have a subway “set” (a set is made up of 3 subway cars linked together, and each subway car has two axle trucks), I would like to have this subway set follow a pre-laid track, so it’s basically one subway car model in a 3 car set, linked together by a coupler.

  2. In the subway car, there are doors that I would like to be able to control using the Numpad 4 or 6 buttons to open and close the left or right doors. Do the doors have to be separate from the subway car model its self? I want the doors to open and close like in this video:

  3. I would also like to be able to move the subway car by using the up and down arrow keys, like how you drive a car in unreal, but I want this “vehicle” to follow the tracks I already set.

Would anybody know how to help with this? Thanks.

I don’t know much about splines, but they seem ideal for your needs. I figure you can break the subway into the cars and then the trucks on the bottom and position the two trucks beneath each car with appropriate alignment and position: Then use a look at rotation with the car child to one of the cars and have it aim at the one infront of it. I’m not sure how I’d couple the cars together.

I found out that splines were my best bet, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get the player (who is in first person) to press the C key, and then be in the drivers position of the subway car, then I want the player to be able to use W to go forward or S to go backward, but still follow the track. I’ve tried to look for tutorials online but I can’t find anything train-related. Any ideas?