Subway Scene

Hi. :slight_smile:

Here’s one scene I started back in UDK, but never got to finish it. So now when UE4 came out, I took my old files and ported them into UE4 along with some some additional tweaks.

Pics of the real thing - Zeleznicka Stanica

Video (for 60fps version use Chrome):

Some screenshots.

And a short video flythrough I captured. Had some problems with 30 fps video on YT and Vimeo, movement would come out all jittery, so here’s 60 fps version from my Dropbox account.


Looking good! :smiley:

Great work Count! It looks really close to the real life Zeleznicka Stanica Subway. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what project you decide to tackle next!

KoldKam, Sean: Thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s probably gonna be some scifi scene, but I’ll be sure to post here when I get some work done.

Awesome realistic transcription of the real subway :slight_smile:

Nice screenshots, but I prefer watching 3d graphics in real-time. Could you share the compiled version for direct download ?

Added youtube link in the first post, you can watch 60fps version of the video in Chrome now.

I tried to compiling scene several times, but every time I got a bunch of errors and process crashed, so until I figure those out I’m afraid it’s only video for the moment.

Strange, I could have sworn I replied here before. Anyways nice work, really love the scene it’s really well done. =)

Very nice work :slight_smile:
One of elements that brings the screenshots to reality is the (objects vertical lines) are vertical in your cameras views… which are (in my case) always seem to be oblique with UE4 camera;
So; Please can you push an advice how could you control that…!!? Here is a post explained my problem…
[Question] How to control vertical lines to be vertical in UE4 Camera](

Best wishes

There are several ways to get the result you want.
You can manually set your camera with a mouse in the viewport that you have no pitch in it. Here’s how it looks in my case. You can grab a high res screenshot then just crop the needed area.

And one more way for more control would be to set up a camera in matinee then capture a viewport.

So under location i set height to 200 cm (Don’t want to see top of the ground floor). Important thing for verticals is to keep pitch (Y axis for rotation) at 0. Then just pull back camera enough until you have whole building. You can also decrease camera FOV (here I lowered from 90 to 60), this will essentially zoom in the camera. After that it’s just to grab a screen shot (preferably high res one) and crop out if needed.
You can even avoid matinee and just grab from the editor viewport. Select camera actor in editor, under arrow (top left), just select “lock viewport to actor” and select “camera view”. Go fullscreen mode with F11, then use TAB and use “highresshot” command (set up some large res like highresshot 5 or maybe even 6). Go into some image editing program like photoshop. Set marquee tool to fixed ratio like 16:9 (or some other), grab what you need, crop it, and downres your image to needed resolution (in my case i wanted 1920x1080). And you get what you need.
Here’s final version of the second picture after cropping and downressing.

Also enable Game mode to hide widgets, and under Settings you can hide editor UI, so no need to even make matinee if you need just screenshots.
If you’re making a video, its really just making sure to have you pitch under you camera rotation to 0. Also depends on your screen how far you’ll have to pull back your camera until you capture everything into the view.

:eek: Wow… That looks awesome!

Great work… The polished granite and marble really bring it to life!