Subversion - I just need to scream into the void. Don't mind me

Is there a reason why I keep dealing with this error?

Is there a reason why I can’t run clean up to fix this?

Is there a reason why I this is now the 4th time I have created a new repository for my 20+GB of files.

I am so frustrated and so over it. I have yet to use subversion for more than a few days at a time before receiving this ridiculous error again and again. The file is there, there’s no problem with ME accessing the path, the path looks correct. I’ve tried removing the file, adding it back, un-adding it, cleanup. nothing. works.

All I did was duplicate a blueprint.
Before that it was a file migrated from another project.
Before that it was some plugin file…
It doesn’t even seem to occur according to some root cause, it just decides one day that it will no longer recognize the path to a file.
I don’t know when it will happen next
I don’t know why it will happen next
all I know is that subversion + unreal for version control is the worst.

Update: Using Tortoise SVN to push all changes and never connecting the project to source control through Unreal has yielded the best results so far, this is the way. It may already be common knowledge for everyone else but in case anyone comes across the same issues.