Suburban Japanese Neighbour (UE 5.0 EA)

This was one of those projects where I really felt motivated and challenged at the same time, considering it has many complex areas to focus at the same time. I wanted to make it look as beautiful as possible whether it is a static image or a moving shot.

The basic blockout was done in Blender. With tilables created using both Quixel Mixer and Substance Painter/Designer. The pipes and cable systems, though they are quite minute to glance at first sight, I wanted them to be unique and none repetitive, so I decided to do them through Houdini.

The foliage and trees are a mixer of vanilla quixel assets without any modifications and trees created through Speedtree. Overall, the scene was quite a learning pursuit in terms of aspects to consider while creating a believable environment.

Link to the Artwork:



great job! specially love that detail on the roofing

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beautiful bro

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Thank you so much!

Thanks man!