Subtractive brushes removing unnecessary geometry & clipped geometry creating extra geometry

Hi guys - one day old newbie here. I’ve watched tutorials for 1-2 days straight and now I’m giving it some design a go with geometry to lay things out, but I’ve ran into some issues.

Firstly, clipping creating extra brushes. I’m trying to clip this cylinder in half using the brush clip tool. I have drawn the line across from left to right.

After pressing apply, this is what I get. Admittedly, the cylinder is indeed halved, but it gives me this flat cylinder rotated on the opposite axis and I’m unsure why. When I try to remove this it removes the whole thing.

The other issue is a subtractive brush clipping into a wall it isn’t even touching. I had originally had a cylinder, but clipped away half of the bottom (leaving a smaller cylinder again) and for some reason it’s cutting into the wall adjacent to it. The only thing they share is a vertice/corner touch, yet you can clearly se eit cutting into the brush. I literally have no idea why.

Any help, advice or tips is greatly appreciated.


Bump. Still hoping for some help here if possible please guys :slight_smile: