Subtracting from a variable ever ____ seconds

is there a way to get a number say 5 to subtract from a variable every blank seconds?

such as 5 - A for every 5 seconds?

you could use a timer node or this simple loop.
send something like event begin play into the branch and every 5 sec variable Red Survivors will reduce by 5 until variable Red Survivors is <= 0

thanks this helped but im confused with my math <= means less than or equal to shouldnt it be => greater than or equal to

Hi ,

It can go either way. you can have it set to <=0 and if false continue to count down, or if you go with > 0 to have it continue to count down until it hits 0 by using the “true” output instead of “false”. In this case stick with simply > instead of >= because if you use >= it will continue to count down to negative values.

this is just an example. say if variable Red Survivors was at default 20 to start after 5 sec it will be 15 and after 10 sec will be 10 red survivors and will continue until no red survivors are left and the bench will then trigger true to run a different command.