Subtitles language and timeout

Don’t know why, but a lot of times I get subtitles enabled by default and not even in english, in the last language and I have to manually disable the subtitles. And no, I don’t speak or live near or even know any of those languages (except english) and my OS is in english.

Second thing, the timeout is soooo short. Finished a video, took a break to take a shower, when came back and clicked “NEXT”, was sent back to the dashboard or even have to login again, so I have to search the course I was following again to continue. I don’t understand why it can’t just refresh and continue in the next video instead send me back to dashboard!!! This happens everytime I take a “long break”, like shower, eat, watch a tv show, etc… and nope, my internet didn’t interrupt or my IP changed or anything like this.