Subtitles in front of UMG

Hi everyone. I have some dialogue playing when in a Widget menu, but the subtitles end up behind the widget.
Is this doable through the standard subtitle system and blueprints, without going into code at all?
Thankful for any and all help.

In your dialogue widget that displays the text, increase the ZOrder value.
The higher the ZOrder value of a widget, the later this widget is drawn and thus it appears on top of widgets with lower ZOrder.

Alternatively, depending on how your widget is made, you could change the background/foreground order by changing the wiget order by dragging and dropping entries in the widget hierarchy.

I think the OP might be using these subtitles:…e/4/index.html

@ackehallgren: can you confirm?

In which case it’s still unresolved:

As far as I remember, the best you can do is to move the subs where there is no UI. Or do them completely in UMG.

@Everynone Yes exactly, I am. That’s very unfortunate :confused:
Ah well, it’s only for one line, but still pretty darn annoying. Thanks for your help!