Subtitle Manager

Hi. I really don’t want to roll my own subtitle system so I’ve been trying to use the builtin one.
I know this feature is a WIP so I’ve fixed some problems by myself and it is a good solution…
But, there is a very weird issue I see with the Blueprint Play Dialogue at Location.
I am trying to simply execute two dialogues, one ofter the other. But I can’t. Doesn’t matter what the first or second dialogue waves are, the subtitle manager will always draw only the first one and ignore all the rest.
The only way it will queue the next subtitle is if the associated wave is marked is looping sound.
I tried to figure out why this happens, but I don’t know what it is.
Subtitle queue works fine if I edit the Subtitles array in the wave asset params, in the generic asset editor, but never if
I try to use the “Spoken Text” from a DialogueWave Blueprint.
Any idea when will this be functional? I don’t want to use HUD to draw text to the screen, this system is sooo close to be functional. Please Epic take a code review on it.

Howdy BrUnO,

Thank you for your bug report. Would you mind sharing the screenshot of your Blueprint setup? Any additional information on your setup would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hello Sean;

There are many weird little issues.
As described above, only ONE subtitle will display when using blueprints instead of editing Subtitles directly within the audio asset.
If I use the same dialogue context for the next dialogue, no sound and no subtitle are played.
If I use a different context with a different speaker for the second dialogue, sound is played; but still no subtitles will show up for the second one.

Here is a simple test. D1 is shown to the screen, but D2 will never make it:


The second one won’t be accepted by SubtitleManager, I don’t know why. And yes, the code after ‘Delay’ is executing after the first dialogue.
The “Return Value” I attach to Delay there is return NewActiveSound.Sound->GetDuration(); I’ve added to the UGameplayStatics::PlayDialogueAtLocation Blueprint. This problem of displaying only one subtitle is there before I’ve added a return value however.

Hey Bruno,

I have been unsuccessful with the Blueprint setup of the dialogue so far. Would you mind sharing the asset so that I my get a better idea of the setup that you are using?


I’ve post the blueprint code, for some reason I cant post it as a comment.

Howdy Bruno,

Sorry about the delay in response. Just wanted to check with you about one of the nodes in the Screenshot. On the first ‘Play Dialogue at Location’, how would you be able connect duration? I seem to have the rest of the BP setup, just a bit confused on how to set that up.


It is a modified blueprint. You could just set the delay manually?!
I posted the code (down there) where the BP returns sound wave durarion, but that isn’t related to the problem.

Well, I ended making my own subtitle routine using HUD texts which is not as complete as this builtin one; but I need localized subtitles so I focused on that first and is enough for now.
I hope you guys manage to ship this one in good state someday though, the methods to auto-split subtitles to a safe zone on screen are too good, pitty the final results are at moment unusable.

Howdy BrUnO,

We are sorry about not having the Play at Dialogue node working correctly as you would like it to. I have brought the attention about the node to other developers so that the issue may be looked into.

Thanks for your patience!