Subtitle Font

Hi. The automatic builtin subtitle system, the whole audio actors system is GREAT and very handy…
BUT I need to change subtitles font, the one used is super hard to read clearly. Any idea when will we be able to set a different font to draw subtitles to the screen??

I’ve added to my Content/EngineFonts folder the font asset I want to use; The .usset file is named Subtitles and the imported font texture is also called Subtitles.
Then I’ve added to my BaseEngine.ini file a line like this:

Now the dialog system loads the font I want to use for subtitles; still would be great if we could select different subtitle fonts for different dialog actors in the Context editor. :rolleyes:

Also, the ‘Play Dialogue’ blueprints should have a “On Complete” output pin so we can execute another dialogs as soon as the last one finished, instead of checking if audio finished playing.
A simple “return NewActiveSound.Sound->GetDuration();” is good enough so we can call at least a Delay node with the audio length then call another one.

I’ve added that to my copy of the engine, but I don’t really like that much to mess with source code :confused: