Substances supported in HTML5?

Are substances supported in HTML5 builds? If so, how much do they add to the final build size? I’ve been considering the usage of procedural substances to reduce the final game size.

No - They are not supported yet - Its a commercial plugin and the best place to ask would on Allegorithmic’s forums (Adobe Support Community)

Is there a list of supported/unsupported features?

“Is there a list of supported/unsupported features?”

For HTML5? or the substance plugin? - for the plugin you should talk to Allegrothemic guys.

For the HTML5 itself there’s no particular guideline, except that if it works on mobile platforms - It should work on HTML5. We basically should be feature parity with Mobile targets. if we are not, thats a bug.

Hi ,

We do not currently support HTML5 targets, but are working on expanding our support to both HTML5 and other platforms.