Substance Tools : 24H Flash Sale


We are now having a 24 hour Flash Sale on Substance Indie Pack and Substance Painter.

-50% OFF Substance Indie Pack
-66% OFF Substance Painter



Seems I get an error every time I try to add an item to the cart :confused:

I’m sorry, our site is getting lots of traffic. If you can’t seem to get it to work, please email me at and I’ll make sure you get the sale price.



thank you WesleyMcDermott for this reply

I have my licence steam (42€ only) :wink:
remains 36 hours Flash Sale on Steam ! enjoy it !

Now i wait for Substance Designer ? Have no info about it WesleyMcDermott ?

Thank you allegorithmic

After researching, I decided to buy the substance indie pack (yeah !! 50% discount on steam), apparently learning curve long is, I’ve never used a software like this (I’ve always used prefabricated), so where do I start?

Hi Chris,

Do you purchase the Indie Pack? Our server were overloaded with traffic. It will come online soon. You can contact me at and I will check on your account.



Awesome! Welcome to Substance : )

You can start with these series.



woo that’s quick! thanks

I picked these up using gems on the Steam holiday sale thing - got the Indie pack for $60 plus some recycled cards. Great deal :slight_smile:

I think he actually meant “When will Substance Designer be on discount”?

Oh, I’m sorry about that. I’m not sure. We run sales from time to time. I don’t have knowledge of an upcoming Substance Designer sale.



Hi there ,
Yes thank you Cube222 , i purchased Substance Painter only and i hope a discount for Substance Designer.
Thank you WesleyMcDermott for your time

Ok i saw just now on Steam , i got Substance Designer 4 Indie for 50€ only

Very Happy , Thank you allegorithmic

Note : -40% (50€) until 2 January 2015

To have the plugin installed EU4 is necessary even download the UE4 source code from github andcompile?

Hi CanguroCode ,

At the moment , if you are using Unreal Engine 4.6.1 or 4.7 preview , yes , you need download source code & compile , How to get it working here

If you are using Unreal Engine 4.6 & above , you can directly donwload the plugin Here

I hope Algoritmic will update his plugin soon

Thanks for the reply. And what if I first install the plugin in version 4.6 and then upgrade to 4.6.1, the plugin could remain active?

Oh man… I bought it at full price just two weeks before the flash sale… Still awesome tools worth every penny though!

I missed the 50% indie pack sale. :frowning: