Substance Textures Not working

Hi, I have a problem i’m trying to get these substances to work but everything i try it just does not work. I i’m trying to preview this texture and this is what i get

And when i this one to a material only the metallic works i think. Its black so i guess it works. But the other channels dont work. I have R = Metallic G = Roughenss B = AO but it just seems not to work when i inport the textures they work 100% but not with substance. And when i just want to take the height it does nothing it just gives me a white texture.

Where it says “View” in the upper left corner, do you have an alpha channel? Try checking what each channel is showing.

I tryed that. I even changed the Alpha in the source SBS file. 3 times.

No one knows what is happening here? Or is’t a substance problem?

Got it Change in view the backgournd.