Substance Texture is Missing Its Graph Instance

I’m using Unreal 4.7.3 and this error keeps popping up when I try to use my substance files in Unreal. Any advice?


Mesh: Dropbox - Error
Substance: Dropbox - Error

So I’m using UE4 4.7.3 and trying to get the values associated with this substance to appear in Unreal. But when I check the New_Graph_INST this is what I get. Can I get some help as to just what exactly is going on? If I drag and drop the material the substance does appear on the mesh but I have no access to the values to change the appears of the substance.

What excatly is your problem? the files are working just fine. And for the substance, you should change it to “relativ to parent” before exporting it.
So you can change within UE4 your Textures resolution if you need.


This issue comes from a broken relation between the textures and its parent graph instance, did you do something particular like move the uassets or had a crash before saving? If you have some repro steps I can try that would be helpful.
Also, in the graph instance editor it looks like a part of the UI is not showing up, you can re-enable it by clicking “Substance Editor” in the window menu (cf your second screenshot). You can delete the textures and re-enable them from the Substance Editor menu.
Sorry I did not notice your post earlier!