Substance Sliders and Blueprints

So let us say we have our mesh with a Substance for its texture. It has a slider for Decay. I want a Blueprint that would move the Decay slider based upon the Player Character’s Sanity attribute. As the Sanity goes up or down during game play I want the slider to move giving a visual representation of the Player’s disconnect from reality.

Any idea how you’d go about creating a function for this?

Hi Alaan,

We have various functions such as “Set Input Float” that work off of the Substance Graph Instance for this purpose. You would call Set Input and then “Render ASync” to commit the changes to the substance.

It’s definitely doable this way, though I would seriously consider doing this in materials as texture generation can be kind of expensive to do at run time, whereas materials have a fairly fixed cost.

I second ambershee’s opinion that Decay would work better as a mask-controlled blend via materials. The runtime Substance support is better suited for “one and done” things like instancing objects with more complex effects.

Hmmm ok I’ll take a look. I’ve spent more time working with painting things via Designer & Painter that I haven’t really spent enough time with UE4’s materials.

Take a look at material instancing:

In many ways it would work similarly to Substance Designer. You would likely have a “clean” material and a “dirty” material, and then using the “Decay” property you mention, modulate a mask to blend between the two.