Substance plugin and Unreal 4.25

is it just me or do Substance plugin work with 4.25?I cant install it like i could with i have to wait for a salution?

Thank you for the reply.

Yeah… Substance is always the last plugin to update for every UE4 version. You would think being part of a big company with more money and resources would enable you to do more faster… but instead it slows you down and makes you do less slower.

I am always waiting for the plugin to update and only have a few substances in the project … should probably just ditch substance and use Megascans stuff only.

i have been thinking about quixel. Its to bad that the substance plugins takes so long to update.

Too bad the substance plugin for ue4 has become ****. It freezes n crashes when importing the sbsar file in ue4.

Hell, the new version of ue4 is **** now