Substance Plugin Released

This build is binary compatible with 4.4.1 so you don’t have to compile to run the plugin.


Thank You !

Congrats on how awesome Substance is!

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Quick question based on the Twitch stream.
When Jeremie is using the stone_damaged_control slider in Designer we can see water being added or removed from the damaged stone. Then he does expose the parameter as “Rock Damage”.
After importing into UE4 the published substance we see the Rock Damage parameter available in the engine. Unfortunately, when the slider is modified, only the damage does change in the view. Why doesn’t water get applied too?


The water should appear as well. The water, rock and moss is a layered material and the stone_damaged_control is basically controlling the mask. Please download the sbsar file and open in UE4. In the substance parameters under STONE>stone_damage_control, you can see that lowering the slider will cause more water to appear.