Substance Plugin Released!

Hello All,

The Substance Plugin has been updated and released on GitHub. The Marketplace plugin should be updated soon, so keep your eyes open!
Github Link:
If you have 404 errors using Github:

This is a compatibility release for 4.13

Can you not release a binary version alongside your engine version? (I just want to update the thing, not compile the bloody engine.)

There doesn’t appear to be anything at that link.

“You will follow the same steps as outlined by Epic on the UnrealEngine Repository. However there is one key change:”

That’s all the directions I can get from the ReadMe file. Let’s pretend I can’t find the steps outlined by Epic, how do I install this? :smiley:

The binary builds are for Epic Games to update themselves via the marketplace. We provide the github version as early as possible so those who can’t wait can get at least source access.

Make sure you are logged into your github account linked to your epic account:

You can find the epic readme here:

Hello Josh,

I am trying to reinstall to ue4.13 from Marketplace ( I think it’s already updated there since it says 4.8-4.13) but I get the message that it’s already installed to all versions. I have tried deleting it from …Engine>Config>Plugins>Marketplace>Substance but it still gives the same error. I have also tired reinstalling 4.13.1 but I get the same result. Any idea how can I get it to reinstall? Right now it seems it’s removed from the engine because when I try to open a project it says it needs it and asks me to dl from marketplace. But when I try to install it from marketplace I get the same message.


Ok so I’ve uninstalled 4.13.1 and then deleted the 4.13 folder from Engine. Now it installed properly and then installed substance plugin. Created new project with vr_template and again the packaging fails in2 secs with the error: fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘tbbmalloc.lib’

After disableing Substance plugin and restarting editor the packaging works meaning there is something wrong with the plugin.

Hi Robbie222,

The substance plugin requires you to compile the UE4Game first in Visual Studio before packaging it for export from the Editor, sadly.

Since when? I have used substance plugin in numerous previous projects with previous engine versions. How to do that?

It’s only if you are using 3rd party plugins that compile code for UE4Game. Substance does, so packaging your game requires you to compile before hand.

First you need to install Visual Studio 2015. Community is free and can be found here:
Make sure you install C++, since it may not be installed by default.

Then you need a C++ file in your game project, using this guide:

It doesn’t have to be anything you use, it just has to exist.

Once you do that, Visual Studio should create a Visual Studio solution for your game (.sln file) near your .uproject file. You can load the file to load visual studio. You want to compile the project for the package you’re building. So for example Win64 Development you’d want to compile your game for Win64 Development. At the top of Visual Studio are drop downs for the configuration (Development/Shipping/etc) and platform (Win64/Win32/etc).

Once you compile your game project, you can close visual studio and then package your build from UE4Editor.

Working like a charm. Thank you Josh:)

You got it Robbie! I hope in the future it will get easier for Marketplace users to package their builds using the Plugin.

Does this plugin work with 4.14 and how does one use it without compiling UE4 from source?

Hi Zireael07,

We have a 4.14 plugin released on github that you can use. If you don’t want to compile from source you can grab the 4.14 plugin from the Marketplace.

Is the marketplace plugin free? Do you have a link? (As you probably know, it’s difficult to find stuff in the unreal marketplace :frowning: )

Hi Zireael07,

It is free! The marketplace now has a search feature so if you just search for “Substance Plugin” it will come right up.

Josh, I tried to download the plugin for Substance Atlantis but i couldnt download the plugin ive looked ad the fix and did EVERYTHING as it said ans still it didnt work. Is it possible you can upload it on mediafire, mega etc. Thank you

hao should use substance plugin for ue4.14-vxgi source version???

hao should use substance plugin for ue4.14-vxgi source version???