Substance Plugin 0.3.2 Released (UE4 4.1.0 Compatible)

Hello All!

The Substance Plugin V0.3.2 is now live here:

This version of the plugin has been merged and made compatible with the Unreal Engine 4.1.0 release.

Are there any magic steps for this release as in the previous one?

You still need the RequiredFiles zip we provide in the release, but otherwise should be standard steps of:

  • grab our github repository
  • download epic’s two zip files for the 4.1.0 release and decompress into the github repository
  • download our zip file and decompress into the github repository (overwrite the files that epic provided)
  • run the project generation script
  • compile

You guys are quick! Thanks, I’ll give it a shot…


Is there any plan for standalone plugin ? Without to recompile whole engine?? Problem is that UE4 is gettting update 2 - 3 times per month and to recompile whole egine all the time is not pretty …

sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, finally got around to compiling the engine and going thru all the hassle to get this plugin working, but i must say so far it was really worth it. import no issue, using graphs no issue. however one of the beauties of substance is using one material and making it work hundreds of different ways, but from what i can see if i change the graph it changes every instance of the material i have down. im sure there is a way to deal with this, so any help appreciated.
also what kinda of performance hit are we taking using substances compared to a normal material ?
if we use a high res does it really impact the performance that much more ?
will running a lot of different instances of a substance material kill performance ?
once again sorry if these seem like stupid questions for everyone who already knows what they are doing but they are stumbling blocks for those who do not. also posting this on ue4 forums. thanks in advance for any help.

If you want multiple instances of the same substance with different parameters, you will have to create multiple “graph instances” from aright click on the Graph Instance Factory item in the Content Browser.
Keep in mind that each instance generates its own set of textures.

The runtime cost of using substances is the same as traditional textures. Only during when you are modifying them through their parameters it may affect performances, but even then, the generation engine is using the CPU and should not affect the framerate.

thanks for the heads up, preying they soon get an easier to use solution built into the engine, seems hit or miss if we can get the engine to compile on different computers without errors. either way substance will be in our pipeline.

Just bought the indie pack for my birthday will see how it all goes this weekend!

you will love it once its past the learning curve, really cool results with some work.