Substance Plugin 0.3.1 Released

Hello All!

The Substance Plugin V0.3.1 is now live here:

This update features stability improvements, and features such as image input parameters should work properly. We are still working on performance improvements, but performance should be slightly improved compared to V0.3. We value community insight and commentary and look forward to seeing great work created with Substance and Unreal Engine 4!

Page not found :frowning:

Make sure you are logged in to a github account that has access to the UnrealEngine repository, otherwise you’ll get a Page Not Found error.

Will the plugin eventually make it’s way into the regular build we get through the launcher?

4.1 is out, any progress on Substance plugin for this version ? Thx

Hello michalss! We are working very diligently to provide a 4.1.0 compatible version and are shooting to release this week

Hello , sorry for asking again, but it would really help me to know if there are plans or talks with Epic for the changes needed to run substance plugin to become part of the engine so that the binary plugin works with UE downloaded via the Launcher?

One of the items we are discussing with the UE4 plugin is making it easier to integrate moving forward. I don’t have further information to provide at this time, but we are looking into it.