Substance Painter out of Beta! Version 1.0 Released


We have released Substance Painter version 1.0. The new generation of texture painting is here!

Lots of great new features for the 1.0 official release.

• 4K Support - Painting and Exporting
• Custom Shader Support
• Updated PBR shader with emissive
• Enhanced UI

Launch Trailer

New tutorial series

Yeah, definitely going to get myself one of those when my wallet allows it! Quite a sublime toolset it seems.

Woohoo! It’s finally released! It has been a great program for the past 6 months as well, but happy to see it come out of beta!

Congrats Wes! As well as the rest of your team!! :smiley:

Downloading now… 4k Support! yay

EDIT: Lol, your site is overloading… might need to download later instead :stuck_out_tongue:

This update was perfect for 1.0! Huge improvement. Is there any way of rotating a layer or substance in painter?

Not yet, but it’s on the roadmap.

Great! For now I just made a substance that I apply as an effect that is able to transform them in painter.

Great application indeed, also grab that “indie bundle” while it lasts!

Rotating mesh in painter would be awesome. This way physic particles could be applied without worry about mesh orientation in 3d app.
For eg. oil leak is awesome for wearing some edges on airplane wings but it works only vertically. Sliders in particle properties do not work that well.

Can someone explain me the difference between substance painter & designer? And also how the export works with EU4? Both can export in EU4?

They are completely different types of applications. Substance designer is node based and you can edit the node parameters within UE4. Also the substance texture files are insanely small and are generated by the engine each time you tweak values, this is done very quickly. Substance designer is ideal for tiling textures or textures that will be reused in various ways. Substances can also be used to create base textures for substance painter or other applications.

Substance painter is like painting in zBrush, Mari, or 3d coat. It’s great for hero assets or anything that needs a bit more attention than a procedurally generated substance. They are both awesome tools for different purposes. They are both also PBR ready and work great with UE4.

Quixel’s DDO also was recently released and it’s a completely different take on texturing from substance designer or painter. Quixel is integrated into photoshop and helps you create textures by using a bunch of preset textures and various filtering and layering of effects. You can also create your own presets for DDO. So depending on your needs and workflow they are all great options.


Thank you so much for clearing me this out… After few months with Unreal Engine and level design, I’ve decided to start learning a different software to help my production. I’ve searched a lot so my conclusion was Mari / Substance painter and Quixel… and I really had difficulties to pick one.

However, Mari is extremely expensive, so dropped it. Quixel needs photoshop, and I’m not willing to A) Learning photoshop as well and B) Pay license for photoshop in the future, if possible release.

Also Allegorithmic looks very willingly to stick with Unreal Engine, which is a huge, huge plus for me… So the clear pick will be Substance designer and Substance painter for me… I hope the learning curve is not very hard, and I’ll be able to get used to fast.

However from Quixel, I’m waiting for Megascans… that looks so yummy.

Just to expand a bit more

The Quixel guys are awesome, and personally from an artist perspective, it’s the best bang for your buck. Easy to learn, lots of pretty presets, the closest you’ll get to a make art button.

Substance designer is definitely the best for actually producing a game. As long as there is sufficient tech artists and planning, but it can also be the most annoying when trying to make just one prop or texture, and is bad if you don’t want to learn how to really take advantage of it

Substance painter just is an additional painting app with cool PBR features and some nice particle based effects and weather. It handles PBR and layers really nicely.

I’m alone developer. Handling everything from A to B, and I enjoy it a lot!

So what do you recommend me to focus on? Quixel or Substance? I’m aware I can try them both, but it will take me at least a week to each of them to decide that, so I’m trying to save that one week and pick one of them.

If Quxel is easier than Substance, I’ll have it in mind as well.

If you have Photoshop DDO is worth trying out, 30 day free trial, pretty easy to learn. There’s a decent amount of tutorials and videos. It’s very artist friendly and really quick and automated in lots of ways.

Substance designer is great if you are used to node based programing and materials. Very non destructive and really allows you to make an entire level and just tweak parameters, download the Allegorithmic example map and play with that (I actually haven’t done that yet, but I did play with the last version of their plugin and some content).

If you don’t want to be tied to Photoshop then definitely go for 'Alle’s tools.

They’re also a GREAT company and I show them my support where ever possible.

Follow the tuts over at their YouTube channel - you’ll get up to speed with SD and SP in no time!