Substance Painter materials now too bight

I don’t know if it’s because of upgrading to SP2 or to UE4.11 but any new Substance Painter textures I import now are washed out.
I used to have this problem before I figured out how to configure the nodes for them, now it’s acting the same way no matter what.
I also don’t know if it has to do with the substance plugin for UE4…I didn’t think i was actually using it the way i was doing it but…

Are you using the substance plugin from github? I don’t think it’s supported in 4.11 just yet, but there is a compiled version somewhere on the forums

It’s the unsupported one.
I just didn’t think my textures needed it.
I tested importing older files made by SP and they look correct. So I’m thinking its totally up to SP2.
How I import texture maps is I take the three .png maps from substance; Base color, normal, roughness/metallic.
I uncheck sRGB on the roughness/metallic (one map) which automatically turns it to linear color, then plug the red into roughness and blue into metallic.
Worked fine until recently. Older textures done this way stayed the same.