Substance Painter Help

Hey, is anyone familiar enough with the pipeline that they could answer several questions in PM? I’ve been getting stuck on a recent problem and no one on the ALlegorthmic forum has been responding to me.

What’s your problem exactly? While I do not use Substance Painter at work I do use it at home so I might be able to help.

So I commissioned a couple models to be produced through a freelance website; I can’t create a model to save my life.

I have an FBX with .MA and .MB files for its UVs (from Maya).

I have an OBJ with a .UVW for its UVs (from 3ds Max).

I’m not sure how to use these since Substance Painter does not allow for the import of Maya specific .MA & .MB files and when importing the .uvw it still says the mesh lacks UVs.

If you have MAX or MAYA around just open the model in there apply the UV and export it with the UV coordinates on it.


The FBX/OBJ file should have a UV map. So just import that into Substance Painter, select DirectX display type and all the textures you have(if you have any).