Substance materials in unreal engine 4 ?

Just Asking , is there any support for substance materials in Ue 4 ?

Edit: Substance materials is now work in UE4

None that I have found so far. I hope it will come around soon.

You can obviously import it as a normal texture right now, but the plugin is up to Allegorithmic to develop, and as far as I’m aware they’ve been working on it for a few months now, hopefully it will be ready soon.

I came here to ask the exact same question - I use Substance Designer a lot, and used substances in UDK. Hope to see this happening soon.

Gotta imagine they’re doing everything in their power to integrate as soon as they possibly can. Allegorithmic has made a ton of progress in the past six months, I’m sure they’ll want to keep the momentum alive.

The people at Allegorithmic are great people and every time I speak with them they are very informative. I am sure you can ask them directly if this is a needed feature immediately. Prior to it being included in UE3 they helped me with a fast and simple integration.

i just hope that plugin support will be free for the owner of substance designerand will not represent extra charges for the users, that just making free projects.

Have to agree, they’re professional and incredibly friendly. They’re active on the Steam forums and are always helpful - despite the typical toxicity that comes from that community.

Allegorithmic are great to deal with. I was an early adopter, and they lost my account details when Designer 4 came out, meaning I couldn’t upgrade. They gave me a new full license within 24 hours for a token price. They’re very eager to please the community, well worth pitching your voice for UE4 support over on their forums (though I’m sure they’re already beavering away at it).

I went ahead and emailed them. Waiting for answer, so be patient guys, we might know something after GDC.

I’m sure it will be coming soon :slight_smile: Give it a week or two and I am sure something official will be known.

Nicolas Liatti Admin : “Yes, we’ve been working on the integration for several months now. More news very soon :)”

A bit off topic, but could someone give me a quick summary of the advantages of working with Substance Designer compared to just using the materials editor in UE4?

Like I’ve mentioned in the other substance threads on these forums, Substance doesn’t produce materials, it produces textures. It’s a part of your texturing workflow, not a replacement for other tools you might use.

I bet their solution will cost money… I can’t see me paying for anything UE4 related at the moment.

The integration would probably be free (it has been in the past). They make their money by selling you the tools.

The tools are awesome though.

The tools are okay but the problem with substance is the learning curve. It’s hard to get people to think procedurally or ask an artist to make a complex graph. That is the only reason is see dDo as being “better”. There is less setup and the learning curve is not as steep.

dDo can’t build textures at run time based on user input though :wink:

That’s the key selling point for us, and why we’re fairly invested in Substance.

Yea substance is great! I love changing my whole scene on the fly. I hope its soon that this will be implemented