Substance Material Instance Graph

Hi guy. I have some substance materials in my unreal engine content folder. I have notice that some of the Substance Graph Instance produce some types of maps and some graph produce other types of graphs. In the image attached you can see how the graph on the left produces a limited amount of maps where as the one on the right produces more usable maps.

I have 2 questiosn.

Is it possible to make the graph on the left to produce a roughness map for example?

If that is not possible, then how can I use the maps called diffuse, specular, bump, displacement and height?

For example I know that:
diffuse = basecolor

Could you give me some examples of where I will use this set of maps:
diffuse, specular, normal, bump, displacement and height.

as opposed to this:
Basecolor, metallic, roughness, normal and ambient occlusion.

Thank you for the feedback.