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What a great day!
I’m completely in love with today!

Did they ever update the plugin for 4.7? The tried downloading the plugin again, but it seemed stuck on 4.6.


Someone must have rescheduled christmas.

So if i understood , you paid 19$/month until the full price of sotwares ?
Next , the software is your definitly? No need to pay more ?

I’m already owner of the SD, SP and B2M but the offer sonds really good, it’s like a down payment rigt ?
It’s an amazing offer and other app developers should take a look at this “payment model” and consider to chnage.

That’s how I understand it as well, yes. Of course when they release a major update, they might (and probably will) charge you for the upgrade.

ok , thank you Bajee ;

Now , i see nice features in Prenium support , monthly Drop PBR material & i don’t know what else that keep you a subscriber active…

@zeOrb, where you got that picture… there is nothing on website about that

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looks like it’s dropping later this week…& I’m definitely getting this. Still on the demo licence and it’s an amazing paint tool. If you use curvature & AO maps to drive the masks, you can texture something in minutes that normally would take many hours…

I am not super familiar with texturing with other programs, but the ability to select by vertices and auto fill them saved me so much time and creating masks around the vertices of glass easily prevented bleeding from other attributes. Absolutely love the Substance suite.

YEAH Substance live is here !!

And I believe SD5 was just released. So much cool stuff everywhere. :cool:

Anybody has any experience with the Substance tools? Is it as good as you might think after watching some videos on it? Does the integration with UE4 works without big issues?

I’m thinking about taking a subscription, but don’t know if this is the right(or good) tool??

Right , i am downloading SD5 :o , I’m so excited

That’s pretty awesome! It would be cool if you could get it discounted if you already own one of the tools (I have Painter already on Steam for instance).

They also have a 30-day full featured trial version available. I can’t say anything about UE integration as I’ve only used bitmaps exported from substance previously.

i dont understand how it works if you alredy have the products, or is just for those who don’t have the products?

This is the problem , look my licences below :

But for 18€ only , i got Substance Bitmap2Mat & Substance Designer 5 , at the moment it’s help me a lot (99$ + 99$ = 198$)
AND Mountly Drop : Texture , substance , PBR mat , new technolgy & upgrade and i don’t know what else

It’s a great deal for me !