Substance LIVE - A new way to get Substance


We now have a new way to get into Substance and its called Substance LIVE! With Substance LIVE, you pay as you go. However, its not a subscription as you pay to actually own the products! Stop any time and no catches : )


So, is it going to be like what UE4 was until today?

I mean, lets say that I pay once, and for that month I get access to software updates. Then if I stop paying, can I still use the software I had at that time?

And what about the people like me who already paid the full price for the indie pack and also pre-ordered Designer 5?

Nope-y, each monthly payment is going toward full license payment. When you reach full price - you own this software with further updates and subscription is not required anymore

Curious as well :slight_smile:

I have not pre ordered substance 5 because I cannot afford it but I did buy Bitmap 2 Material 2 & 3 via steam. Would we retain access to the tools if we do go with the live plan and Un-Sub? Just curious :slight_smile:

So where do I sign up? I can’t find any info on this on your site…

Hi , we have somes questions on forum

I freakin’ LOVE substance painter. I hear 1.3 is coming. I’d hope it has the ability to generate it’s own curvature and AO maps. I always have to go through Designer just for that one step. It’s seems it would be easy implement right into painter…

https://forum…com/index.php?topic=4151.0 looks like my Unreal $ is now gonna be going to . “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…”