Substance in UE4 Tutorial series!

Hi everyone,

We just released a 10 parts tutorial series on how to use Substance Designer and Substance Painter with UE4!


Access the full playlist

Awesome, thank you very much ! I need more practice with designer, should help. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

Thanks a bunch got the indie pack weeks ago and have not had much training or time to utilize it just yet.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hopefully I have bought both Designer and Painter a few months ago. Thank you for great tutorial.

Best regards,

great! But i think i am missing the very first video? In the intro video above you mention joining you in video one to go over the workflow, etc, but the intro is video #1 and skips right to video #2 height maps. Seems like i missing some steps :wink:

I thought it seemed to skip also.


I’m sorry, the first video wasn’t uploaded. It has been uploaded and ready now. I hope you enjoy the series!


I’m having some troubles with Substance Painter exports, where the roughness, metal and normal map textures have no affect on the material in Unreal Engine 4. The roughness map renders like a complete black texture, the metal renders like a complete white texture, normal have no affect at all. Ever encountered problem? It happens in any project or model I use.

What about simply Painter > Unreal Engine 4 without Designer?

I am following tutorials , about simply Substance Painter to Unreal engine , you can yes , as you probably know , Substance Painter is really good for painting detail directly on mesh , very cool but , you will need a little more love for make Ao_map , cavity_map , aged, stressed and more without substance designer, because Substance designer tools are very good to take advantage of your detail map , albedo map , normal map etc… And too , you will lost advantage of make modular materials. Of course within substance designer & Painter you can make more of it…

Now I don’t know again all subtleties that offer by two softwares

is an AWESOME tutorial. Brilliant…!!