Substance for Modo Indie 10 - is it a complete product?

I just noticed that Modo Indie 10 on Steam has also Substance for Modo Indie as a free download (of course, only if you have bought Modo Indie first).

Has anyone tried the new Modo Indie 10 -> UE4 with Substance pipeline, is it a complete solution?

Can I design and export substance materials in Modo Indie and then use them in UE4 with its Substance plugin without having separate Substance Painter / Designer software?

‘Substance for Modo’ is similar to ‘Substance for Unreal’ (or Houdini, Maya, etc.) - a free plugin to use substances you have already created.

You’ll need a license of substance designer to edit or alter substances. Substance ‘live’ is relatively inexpensive, and probably one of the most generous subscription services that exist for software…

You don’t need Substance for Modo unless you want to render Substance materials in Modo. I would get Substance Designer/Painter and you can either use the materials you create from there in UE4 or you can export out the texture maps and use them in whatever program you want.

Indeed. The rent-to-buy option is indeed great and I wonder why not all software houses are offering the same, it would be possible to buy expensive software paying monthly that way.