Substance Disigner 5 Indie

substance Designer 5 Indie is on sale on Steam from $149 to $99, I do love a Sale but I was wondering what it dose compared to B2 Material for $50 or the B2 Material Pro on the marketplace?
I have B2 Material and I find it very useful due to I don’t have to swap between Free programs to get the same resalt.

if I buy it on steam how do I integrate it with UE4?

In simple words…

Bitmao2Materials can bake your maps into PBR, normals, spec, rougnes(gloss) .etc…

Substance Designer on the other hand have the ability to create the materials itself and the overall surface.

I haven’t get into Substance designer myself. Because the learning curve seems a like it needs you to invest time. Also their Database is super costly, so… I’ll wait it an year or two, until that changes.

You can have in mind their competition too. Quixel They’re currently providing same services, but with scanned materials with their accurate PBR values) called megascans and currently in closed beta, soon in open beta.

Both are really fine pieces of software and it’s up to you to pick one.

I can say that Substance Designer is very powerful, but does have a learning curve. However, if you can afford it, it’s a very powerful tool to have in the toolbox. B2M is great for getting texture maps from an existing image or sample, but if you need to create something for absolute scratch, SD is very good at that. Just my input. Cheers,