Substance Designer plugin materials & Oculus Quest

Hey Everyone,

Is anyone else having issues with Substance Designer plugin materials displaying correctly in the Oculus Quest? Any of the materials I load through the plugin show up as a default material in the Oculus Quest. If I export the materials as images and setup the material as normal in unreal, it shows up with no problem in the Oculus Quest.

Haven’t tried any Substance materials on the Quest yet but I remember similar problem when we deployed another project to the Oculus Go. We did not dive further into this but decided to set up the materials so the plugin was not required. I think the safe option is to avoid materials using Substance plugin functionality.

As I recall substance plugin does not work on android. Mobile hardware limitations never made sense for it anyway. But with the Quest available, now there is a valid use case so who knows maybe they will finally implement it.

I’m having a similar problem, all SBSAR materials show up as a grey material in the Quest. I’m guessing this type of material isn’t supported but I can’t find any information either on the Oculus or Substance forums. If you have any information on this please let me know.

Have the same problem, how did you manage to see materials in android ?
Regards, Rod