Substance Designer 4.5 Now Available


We have released Substance Designer 4.5 with the following new features.

  • New Baking UI and settings
  • Use multiple high definition meshes
  • Use Custom Tangent Basis Plugins
  • New AO From Mesh settings
  • New baker dilation setting
  • Preferences split into project related settings
  • New PBR Utilities

More info on Substance Designer, vist

Whooo, nice update! off to play with it…

Do we still have to make a custom build of UE4 to make it work or has that not been resolved yet?

would like to know this too, one of the few things keeping me from buying

You just grab it from here

Nah, you just paste substance dll into project dir


We provide compiled versions of the substance plugin for the most recent stable build (right now 4.4.3). You can download the plugin here:

Just extract the zip file into your project folder and enjoy :slight_smile:

I was wondering why it was updating itself, nice

The problem I’m having is that I am using UE 4.5. Unfortunately the “Substance version” of UE is only 4.4.3. How long before I can use with 4.5? My point is this: If I can’t use it with the newest version, I’m not going to pay money to buy the full version of Substance.


We will have Substance Plugin for 4.5 ready when 4.5 goes live. We have a preview build available now. Please check our UE4 4.5 post.



I think all I did to fix it was add AppFramework to SubstanceEditor.Build.cs

StoneJonez, The 4.5 Compatible version of the plugin is now available, here: