Substance design integration in 4.3?

Will 4.3 have Substance Design tightly integrated, or will we need a work around as it currently stands?


From what I have heard on both Allegorithmic’s and Epic’s end is that it will be a regular plugin when we get ver 4.3 (sometime this week). if you check the forums on Allegorithmic’s “UE 4 Integration”. it was announced about 2 weeks ago, then again by Epic in the previous twitch stream (before the one that was added a few days ago)

So YES! Good times are coming!!! :slight_smile:

I look forward to it!

Substance will be a regular plugin starting with 4.3 :slight_smile:

Awesome! The release of 4.3 can’t come soon enough; lots of new goodies to play with.

I’ve been waiting for this so long! -

hey is the substance plugin active for the 4.3 preview

plugin has not yet been released by allegorithmic, until they do we can’t use sbsar’s in 4.3, but it should be coming soon, keep an eye on allegorithmic’s website


The Substance Plugin has been released for 4.3:

Thank you Josh!!! This has been an EPIC day!! :slight_smile:

UE 4.3 released, Substance Plugin release, and SpeedTree for UE4 released!!! Thank you and all of your staff again for all your hard work on getting the code changes integrated!! So much greatness!

*EDIT: And it works great too!! didn’t even have to turn the plugin on, works as soon as you copy it into your project folder :slight_smile: awesome

agreed been waiting for this for a long time

Is there any information available on how to use the Substance Design in UE4. I went to my plugins folder and I don’t have a folder for Substance Designer. I think I am missing something…?

Just add the plugin folder to your project directory, launch U4, then drag over your sbsar file and you’re all set. It even makes the material for you.