Substance Atlantis; Problems with rendering asset materials?

As you may already know, Substance Atlantis isn’t compatible with UE 4.16 yet, so that is why I listed this under 4.15.
Anyways, I have migrated the assets (all meshes, textures, materials) into a blank project to practice level design with. However, when I try using any of the meshes the mesh either shows as if it does not have a material attached to it or it appears as if a shiny black/gold texture/material was applied to it.
(See picture for reference)

I am fairly new with UE, I have used the Infinity Blade assets to design a level and have drafted a few gameplay mechanics with the blueprint editor (wall-running, dash, etc.)
Is there something I am doing wrong or is this simply a bug, and if so is there a fix? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!