Substance and other Plugins in Unreal Studio


first I want so say that unreal studio and the datasmith plugin helps a lot with importing my sketchup models. I get much cleaner results in comparison with my old workflow, which was importing .fbx data. After importing i want to apply some better materials to my model. I used to do this with the substance plugin in earlier versions of ue. but with unreal studio its not possible to use substance.

So right now i need to import my sketchup models with datasmith in unreal studio then I export an .fbx file so I can import into unreal engine 4.19.2 in order to use the substance plugin. isn´t there a better way to do it? it would be nice when there would be substance support for unreal studio or the abillity to open unreal studio projects with unreal engine. i´d really apreciate it, if someone could help improving my workflow. Thanks!!:slight_smile:

Hi Brinkhausrender.

Allegorithmic is currently updating their Substance plugin to work with the 4.20 release, and it should be available shortly. It is standard practice for all 3rd party engine plugins that they become available sometime shortly after the engine releases.


Hi [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] - Do you have an update on this? Are we looking at the next 2 weeks, next month? Thx - Marc

Hi there ,

You should be able to install Substance in Unreal Engine for 4.20 now .
I’m guessing you already know this but here;)
→ Access the Marketplace , search for Substance and Install to Engine.
You should see the option for 4.20.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Is there a way to keep the UV scale of a sketchup datasmith material after applying a substance material?

For me, applying a different material without the parent skp one makes UVs super small and forces me to go into each one and add a texcord. I know the imported skp materials have options to select the specific diffuse and normals etc, but the ease of Substance was the drag and drop onto my meshes. Any other workaround for this? or a storage of UV data thats compatible between SKP and UE?

That sounds like a bug to me.
Report Unreal Studio bugs here:

submitted. :cool:

This isn’t a bug, its a limitation of the system in the moment. Sketchup and Unreal don’t have the same default units and some of that has an effect on how uvs are baked in the gometry. This problem exists with Revit → FBX → Max → Datasmith as well.

We are looking a how we can support this better in general.

For Substance, there are some improvements that we will work with them besides texture streaming, the issue of creating scale parameters on material instances has came up and they could create those parameters on the fly when importing substances.

Is this perhaps what’s causing my problems also? I am trying to import Parasolid files and the materials I apply seem to be scaled down around 160 times. I export from Onshape -> Parasolid -> Datasmith.

/Magnus Hammar

I like Substance, and enjoyed the free downloads through Epic, until I found that (personal preference) I wanted to work on my own materials, and not be burdened by a plugin nor purchasing what I could make for myself.

I started with Photoshop, and created some simple 1024x1024 colours and downloaded some free texture samples from various locations on the web…

Then I created the materials using a standard set of variables…

…from which I could create any number of material instances to customize the look:

It also helps to fix the UV resizing issue, as the use of the scale variable (set to 0.02) will temporarily address the issues you’re having with imported models from various sources. Mostly, however, I enjoy the freedom to create/modify my own materials to create a customized look for my game.