Substance (4.11) - Compiled

Hello all! If you use Substance, you have probably found out that the Marketplace version has not been updated to work with 4.11 yet and I’m not sure exactly when that will be available. The only way to get it right now as far as I know is through GitHub so for people who don’t want to wait or compile from GitHub, I’ve compiled it for you and all you have to do is drop it into “4.11/Engine/Plugins/”. I don’t know if this is already available anywhere else, but I just wanted to be helpful to someone and I hope it is! I’ll keep it in my Dropbox until it is released on the Marketplace. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Woot thank you!

My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Been waiting for this since preview.
Thanks :smiley:

No problem, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You’re welcome! :wink:

Just bumping this because I’ve seen people around the forum looking for it. :slight_smile:

omg… I love you :smiley:
Also, what happens when the patch is pushed, will it overwrite these files, or will everything be ok?

My pleasure! :smiley: I’m not exactly sure to be honest, haha! But I assume it will overwrite these files. When the patch is released, I’ll probably just install it from the Marketplace to make sure that there are no problems with anything. :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

No problem, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much I can now update to 4.11.1 and not have 90% of my project look like washed out Doom III models on old Voodoo II videocards. Textures gone! Shading gone! Washout/gamma maxed! lol again ty. Hopefully the engine will install now cause I guess with the debug buttons is didn’t want to install.

Haha, my pleasure! B)

Hope you don’t mind KoldKam I added you to my friends list on the engine. Like the fact users can chat while working on stuff etc etc. Again ty for the plugin. Works flawless.

Sweet, thanks MY FRIEND. :wink:

Thanks for compiling!

My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Could someone please reupload The dropbox link is no longer working and I don’t have access to the marketplace installer.