SubSection Min Component ScreenSize

I have two landscapes. In one of them (which is the one that works fine) doesn’t appear the option of Subsection Min Component ScreenSize. In the other landscape it appears, and I don’t know if this is causing me one problem: In PIE in the mentioned landscape it looks like it’s culling Components/SubSections of that landscape, which is something I don’t want at all, whan can I do to fix this? I googled it and I didnt find anything at all. Thank you!

I really don’t know what it is, is there any super hidden landscapes options anywhere? Because no matter what I tweak, nothing changes, it is really annoying, its like it culls segments of the landscape, but at a super close distance, it’s ridiculous, how would someone need that

Okay, it’s related to the View Distance Scalability option, but the landscape should be entirely visible no matter what this value is

I want to change its bounds extension, but I cant find anything but ZBounds extension

Okay forget everything, just select the landscape, go to the landscape editor and down there under Change Component Size, Resize Mode: Resample. Then apply and it works