Hi, i tried the new engine but i unsubscribed.
Saw the new 4.7 content now and thought i might wanna resub.
But i subscribed month. Expires 3rd march.
Will i get another 19$ on top of the other? Since its the same month


Just wait until 4.7 releases, currently it’s still in testing preview. It might even release before your current subscription ends.

The subscription lasts 30 days, and it is likely 4.7 full release will happen before March 3rd. So you will be able to download it without paying another $19 as long as it gets released before the date your subscription ends.

So I can pay only for 1 month and still use it? :open_mouth:

Yes, you can. You can even publish your game with that version you’ll have whenever you like without subscribing again.

That’s awesome! :smiley: