Hi people
Sorry for the stupid questions but I don’t really understand the subscription per month

  1. Is there a minimum time you have to hold the subscription for? It says you can cancel at any time but I just wont to cheek
  2. What happened to the unreal Program when I cancel the subscription, can I still use it? Are most features Lock out rendering it unless, some features Lock, but only the ones you really want to use.

I guess you can say I am very new to this and it is more of a hobby then anything ells and I will be spending my 1 - 2 year or so working out how to use the program looking at you tube vids and so on and having a copy of it would be useful. I have downloaded the UDK editor for free and have played around with it (some what). By the look of it, the Blueprint looks far better and looks easier to pick up the UDK3 version (let me know it this is not so) , as I have next to no experience with writing scripts and so on so I would like to keep to a minimum of what I need to know. And I think learning the new version would be better, also as a electrician in my real life the way the blueprints are set out reminds me of circuit diagrams I look at everyday so I think I will have a problem with it

I don’t have any formal experience with Making games, apart for a really crappy side scroller that I made from a program I downloaded from steam, and every other program I have self-learnt such as photoshop, autodesk and old version of Rhino 3d so I figure I can combine then into something useful that may or may not work out and may turn out to be a waste of time.

I don’t mind plying money for the engine and the 5% “tax” doesn’t bother me one bit( good business model and all that) , if I even get that far, ad doubtful as that is……….or not) I just don’t see the need to pay a monthly subscription for 2 years while figure out how the program works.
So I guess without sounding cheap what is stoping me for buying the engine and 2 month later canalling it until I see the need for it again down the track.

Another question is looking at making a 2.5D game or something with that camera view, if this isn’t a good fit for this game then pleases let me know as well, but I think having an engine that can render the 3d content I have to make for it would be good.
Again sorry if these sound stupid, but you have to start somewhere.

welcome to the forum:)

you can cancel whenever you want to.

yes you can still use it if you cancel your sub, you can also still release your games. no features will lock but if you cancel your sub you wont be able to download any newer/updated versions of the engine.

nothing, its perfectly fine to do that if you want to.

yes you could make a 2.5D game.

The only different between subcribed user & cancelled user is the latter can no long get uodates & access the marketplace (until he resubcribe).

No string attached. You can (I beleived) release your game without renew subcription. The 5% royality do apply.

Epic is not interested to nickel & dime. Like what Epic said, “We succeed when you succeed”. Release your game, & you & Epic both succeed.

You can almost think of Unreal Engine 4 costing a flat amount of $19.

1. Pay $19 and download UE4. Besides downloading the editor, you can even download the source code and study it without an active subscription.
2. Before the end of your first month is up, cancel your subscription.
3. Continue using UE4, learning the ins and outs, and having fun working on your own game or level. The editor is fully functional even without an active subscription, and you can take however many months or years to learn the program at your own pace.
4. When you decide you want to release your game or level, re-subscribe and pay $19 to get the latest patches and fixes. This is a totally optional step (you can still release your game without having to pay the $19 again) but I’d recommend periodically getting the latest advances and fixes that Epic is continually improving on.

Here is a playlist of tutorials by Epic that you can follow along when first learning the editor:

WOW, it is surprising to say the least, I guess I was sceptical because I find most of gamming/ software industry see the need to bleed you dry and try and charge you for every little thing. Good work epic.
Thanks guys