Subscription needed to map for unreal tourament 4?

Just a basic question about mapping for unreal tourament 4.

In order to learn how to map for unreal tourament 4, and produce maps, Will i need to pay the $20 a month subscription?
do they have a plan for people who want to map without selling their maps? people who do it for fun, or just to learn a new hobby?

You can sub for 20 and then un-sub after you download the goodies. If you are a student you can get a free subscription and there is a section of the forum with topics of how to go about getting a fee key.

Personally I have doubts that their business model is to make a fortune off of subscriptions than it is about making sure those who download are actually using UE4 in some form of productive manner.

I asked about way back, but seems is a contentious, with a lot of people saying its only x££ so just buy it once and map away.

They say you don’t need to update for the flashy new features, just buy once and you’re golden. (all well and good and somewhat valid)

However if you have **any **problems or issues, the very first troubleshooting step is making sure you have the latest release - Obviously, as they may have fixed your.
If you look at the totally massive long list of Fix’s and resolutions and updates in 4.6 for example

Over 230 fix’s, not to mention additions and changes that fix vulnerabilities or limitations in the previous version. even after all that there was a separate hotfix for more issues…

Now don’t go off half cocked, I’m *not *complaining, fixing and updates are part of the process, but what it means is really for anyone like OP, who wants to map, or give back to the community, they will be looking at keeping a current subscription.

£240a year to make a few maps for UT4 is £220 more than it was for UT2004, UT3. Not something you can start doing on a whim, or even try out to see if it’s something you want to pay that much for.

I have no idea what the current state of things are regarding at Epic, if they can fork a version to be used for only modding for UT4, that’s buy once update free and only has the ability to release modifications to the epic store for UT4 Game, because that would solve the.

You may disagree about the need to update, if so then the one off payment is fine and I agree the cost is worth it.

But if as a new user finding out that the months you took learning basic C++ and the UE4 platform and all associated resources is going to really cost you 10 times as much every year, it may not be something you can afford or have budgeted for, and will leave you feeling more annoyed at Epic than you should, or they deserve.

I think that student offer is great, but there are other demographics that could benefit from such a free version that don’t get that option.
I just know post is going to be a mistake, but meh always nice to clear the air, even if it’s only in my mind :wink:

Tongue in cheek below =p mostly
(Or Epic could be specifically targeting demographic and releasing updates designed to make sure they feel compelled to keep the subscription current)
(Or at management level, they may be purposely having high subscription model to discourage poorer, disadvantaged people, as they are more likely to make bad, lame games)

that’s just because UT4 is still in development and not finished, I guess it is being updated to the newer versions of UE4 as they come out because the newer versions have bug fixes/new features…

I think when UT4 is officially complete and tested the last version of UE4 it was being developed on is probably the only one you would need to make maps.

possible but highly doubtful:)

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