Subscribers Using Paypal - Email On 8/4

If you are a subscriber using Paypal, you should have received an email about the cancellation of a billing agreement sometime in the last few hours. After investigation, we found that this is due to an error that occurred during maintenance we are currently doing on the accounts section of our website. Unfortunately, the payment page with your paypal information was mistakenly cleared out, hence the email. This does not mean that the account has been canceled, though the billing information will need to be filled back out before the current month’s billing cycle has ended in order to continue subscription.

If you are one of the ones affected by this, please look out for a follow up email from us sometime *very *soon. We promise to make this up to you!

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me here or my email address - Chance dot Ivey at EpicGames dot com.

We are truly sorry about any inconvenience.


İ have the same problem and i have not recieved any mail Yet. Pls kindly inform me about the mail. What will the mail be contained?

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To my knowledge, the mails have not yet been sent. I am also waiting for mine.

An update on the ETA of that mail would be appreciated, of course.

Hey friends! We are still working out some of the details regarding the PayPal issue, and Spec is correct, no emails have gone out quite yet. I’ll drop any updates into this thread as they roll through - Hang tight!


Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

I received an Email. Thank you Epic.

Yeap, got it. A free month, great :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!

I recently got the mail.
Thanks for a free month! :slight_smile:

Still haven’t received an e-mail and my month is about to end. Should i just cancel and re-add the subscription or something?

Had a problem logging in and issued a password reset. Didn’t see it so I checked spam. The reset email was there along with the kind gesture. Bad on Gmail though, considering I’d gotten Epic’s e-mail in the past and had it marked with priority.

Reminder: Check your Spam folders!

Epic is one helluva company. Treating people well is a pretty good way to earn respect. :slight_smile: If only more places acted like you. Thank you!

Have you checked your plan details (next billing date), omhz?

In my case the free month was applied automatically.

Oh yes i see it now, thanks! Wasn’t expecting a free month for such a small issue, but it’s great!

However im still not sure if we have to re-sub or not; when i check “my preapproved payments” tab on paypal, epic games international is still on inactive status, while the subscription plan on the unreal page is active.

Sorry if it was answered in the e-mail, i guess i missed it as i rarely check the spam folder before i clear it out. (assuming google decided to put it in spam folder for no reason)

Afaik Epic is still talking with PayPal about resetting the subscriptions. If that does not work out we’ll be mailed again.

Just wanted to confirm that although I never received the follow-up e-mail regarding the free month, I do in fact see that the next billing cycle on my account details was pushed back to next month.

EDIT: Nevermind, as someone mentioned, it ended up in the spam folder on my GMail.

It seems that a lot of you got the message from your Spam folders.

Has anyone else not received/found the message yet? We want to make sure everyone’s all set!


I wanted to buy something today from the marketplace and got this email. What should I do? First I got error E80-3230-0 and after few minutes I got this message: “Payment method on file for current and future payments as authorized by user”.

I have the same problem, thank you for helping me as soon as possible.