Subscenes animation will not active when making a new record

Projectname: VehicleGame project, when I tried to record two vehicles racing according to the tutorial(New sequencer feature–Live training), The animation of RecordedSequence would not play when recording the second one.

  1. Open the project and make a record, only 1 player; and make a record.
  2. Create a new sequence, and add RecordedSequence as Subscenes. Now drag the timeline, the recorded vehicle would move correctly;
  3. Delete player start 1,2,4, so that the new spawn will not overlap the recorded vehicle.
  4. Click Play button, and then set sequences by clicking Subscenes, choose “record new sequence from current player”, then it would add the second Subscenes.
  5. Click Record button, after the count down, I can control the current spawned vehicle, but the recorded vehicle will not move correctly. It would stay at the original position. So I couldn’t play and make interact record with it.
  6. After ESC, not in play mode, when I dragged the timeline, it would animate. So the problem existed in playing the game.

You might need to disable physics on the recorded vehicle. Can you see if that works?