Submixes - Creating Custom Reverb Zone System

Howdy -

The pre-existing AudioVolume system is a great feature, but I’ve been unable to eliminate the artifacts that occur when trying to move between two AudioVolumes with significantly different reverb settings. As a solution to this I thought it might be workable to create a system that uses two reverbs at any given time in order to fade in one / fade out the other when transitioning between spaces so as to eliminate unwanted artifacts from changing reverb values on the fly.

Further to that I’m working on a custom actor that uses a collision volume to trigger the new submix system’s sends to all sounds located inside its bounds. The basic proof of concept works great, but I’ve come across a hitch -

I’m unable to create Sound Submix Object variables in BP, and despite seeing it in the forum thread breakdown for the new audio engine, I’ve been unable to split the SoundSubmixSendInfo struct pin into its members (it says the property may not be BP-exposed ?)

I might just be ahead of the 8-ball here but i was wondering if I had missed something, or perhaps there’s a workaround I had not considered … any help/suggestions are appreciated.

thanks !

I think that particular struct reflection ended up not being threadsafe. We have had similar thoughts on something along these lines. I feel in general the Audio Volume is a bit conflated (by controlling both Master Reverb and Audio Zones), so I definitely feel like there are probably more interesting ways to elaborate on this idea (or do different things) and we’ve been kicking around ideas internally as we look toward 2018.

If you’re comfortable in code, there might be a way for you to extend the Submix parameter access in a threadsafe way. Ethan might have thoughts on that.

Understood - thanks for the info, i will consider investigating - i definitely agree that the AudioVolume system seems like a good candidate for further love. looking forward to what you come up with !

The other thing worth noting is that if you’re using the new Audio Engine’s master reverb, then interpolation does work between setting changes if you make sure your presets don’t have different delay values (delay line length interpolation is what creates pitch shifting during transition).