Submixes and Source Bus


I started experimenting with submixes to use it for layered music implementation. Back in 4.12 I had to use middleware to keep everything in sync, but really hopeful new audio engine is up to the task. I created a simple BP and implemented music from an old project in ThirdPersonMap. It switches between 2 submixes when overlapping trigger

As long as I had submixes implemented without the use of source bus everything was working as expected. However, having read that using source bus is more efficient, I wanted to send 2 loops to source bus and play it from there instead of sound cues. That’s where I got lost a little. It seems that I am unable to set it up in a right way. I tried to switch audio component in BP to a referenced source bus placed on the level but that didn’t work. My source bus does not have any further submixes set up, as I believe it should be going straight to Master - maybe that is where I am making a mistake. To keep things simple while testing, all used Cues (loops and one shots) are in Master soundclass.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!