Submix? please explain.

Hi. Using newest UE but NOT using the new beta audio engine. Just the plain normal one.

In a FPS I have several large enemies. I would like to add a special reverb (delay actually) to their screams, to make them sound bigger.
Can i do this via submixes? (I’ll just tweak the reverb to mostly have delay)

If i open an audio cue and go to the bottom left, I have the box “effects”, and under that - a submix option. There is “send level” and “sound submix”. I can then choose from a list of submixes… Except I cant see any because i havent created any. Where do i create a submix? How do they work in general? I really cant find any information about this anywhere.

Anyone? Still looking for an answer

here a starter guid with all new audio feature

Thanks:) As i expllained, I am not using the new beta sound engine.

Submixes are part of the new audio engine/renderer, you have to enable it to create submix related assets.

Master Submixes, which are hidden from the user at the moment, are the only submixes in the Old Audio Engine. This was designed to allow for backward compatibility for projects upgrading to the new Audio Engine.

If you want some kind of Effect or DSP on a sound group, you will want to use the New Unreal Audio Engine.

For DSP on sound sources, you will want to use a Source Effect; for DSP on groups of sources, you will want to use a Submix.

Ok, so basically for DSP on any sound, i need to use the new audio engine. Bummer but thats the way it is:)

Why not just enable it? It’s real quick to do, and everything is just way better with new one…

@TRJAudio, the Old Audio Engine never had DSP. Reverb, EQ, Pitch Shift, Spatialization, “Radio Effect,” etc. were only ever available on platforms that supported it. Mostly Windows only. These were only available because the platform itself had an API for DSP that was implemented (XAudio2, CoreAudio, NGS2, etc.).

The New Unreal Audio Engine is the result of Epic hiring an Audio Programmer for the first time ever only a few years ago. The goal was to have a native DSP and rendering layer that ensured multi-platform support for all DSP features. Even though it is only in Early Access, it’s worth seeing if it’s right for you. Several ambitious games have already shipped using the New Unreal Audio Engine including our own Robo-Recall.

@dan.reynolds Hi! Is it possible to apply a submix effect (EQ-LPF) for a specyfic sound class? I’ve created a logic where I’m trying to modify EQ for a few sound classes when an event is being triggered, and then I want them to return back to normal after it’s done. I’m able to do it for the master, but what I’m really loking for is to apply LPF only to a selected group of sound classes. I’m using ue 4.20

Also I want to add that “apply effects” box is unchecked on the soundclasses that I dont want to be affected by the eq.

Bump, on Barts question:)