Submix Filter Effect Asset Failing To Load After Re-opening Project

So not sure if this is actually an audio problem, but I’m using a LPF Submix Effect to apply a LPF during some gameplay moments. However, sometimes when when closing the project, pushing to source control, then later reopening, the SubmixEffectFilter file seems to stop working. Trying to open the file shows a “failed to load asset” message and attempting to validate assets, that asset says “there is no data validation.” I’ve solved the problem previously but deleting the asset, recreating and relinking it to everything. But this is the 4th time its happened and I don’t want to be recreating and relinking the asset almost every time I open the project.
Fix Up Redirects In Folder also does nothing to help the issues.

Some additional info:
We’re running version 4.26.2
There are no errors or warnings related to the audio mixer, submix or even this asset when opening the project. I also have a compressor submix effect in the chain too, but I’ve never had an issue with this asset. The effects are applied to the MasterSubmix to which all sounds are sent via the setting in their Sound Class.

Any update on this issue?
I have the same problem: Using Unreal 4.26.2. SubmixEffectFilter assets fail to load. Compressor keeps working fine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.